Oct 9th, 2020

Abi Barras

Meet Abi

Name: Abi Barras

Age: 27

Skin State Before Lion/ne: Stripped bare and sensitive 👎🏻

Skin State After Lion/ne: Even complexion and glowing 👍🏻

Abi's Journey

When did your skin start being something that you wanted to focus on?
For the last 5/6 years I’ve definitely been super aware of my skin as I’m in an industry which is very image focused, it’s a challenge to not feel self conscious when you have a breakout or a bad hair day. But the real focus came when my skin became so sensitive and sore from experimenting with all of the ‘next big thing’ products, it felt like I was doing a lot more damage than good and I needed some honest advice to set me on a new path.

What was your biggest skin frustration?
The redness. It was so persistent and would manifest itself in so many forms (breakouts/dryness/rashes) it felt like I was just slapping on products that would solve one problem but then aggravate another.

Where did you go first to try to solve this problem?
I guess just getting advice from friends who had similar issues, but just because something worked for them didn’t mean it was going to work for me.

What was your biggest frustration or challenge with the current beauty market?
It’s really the label of ‘for all skin types’ - how can this even be allowed?!

Journey With Lion/ne

How did you hear about Lion/ne?
I was telling a friend from work that all I needed was honest, unbiased advice and she recommended lion/ne in a heartbeat.

What made you want to book a consultation with them?
I completely trusted my friend’s opinion and was really drawn to the concept of having my routine simply laid out for me step by step.

How did you feel during your consultation?
SO comfortable. The space was gorgeous, I felt Ksenia was completely on my team and ready to help me, she was so knowledgable on skincare from the start.

What did Lion/ne do differently?
Took the time to understand and help

Skin Journey

Were your expectations met?
Absolutely and more - I didn’t expect the lion/ne team to be so hands on and checking up on my progress, makes me feel like they genuinely care about my skincare journey.

How do you now feel about your skin and what has improved?
LOVE my skin now and never thought I’d admit that. No more rashes and irritation now I have a better understanding of what was causing it.

Has this changed the way you feel in your day to day life?
Completely! I actually have confidence now. Before, I know it sounds incredibly self-absorbed, but I honestly would struggle to have conversations with people as I was too conscious of my latest skin issue to really relax. But now I find myself beaming at my reflection in the mirror and showing off the differences between my before and after photos to anyone that’ll listen.

Did you feel that Lion/ne was present throughout your whole journey?
Yes, like I say, I didn’t expect them to be so hands on. It’s also worth noting that I’ve never felt pressured to have follow ups/recommend to people - it’s all a very easy, natural process.

Have you ever had a similar relationship with another skincare or beauty brand?
Not at all

Finally, would you recommend Lion/ne’s services to someone that has similar skin issues?
Are you kidding? I’ve been sending everyone to them!

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