Which type of consultation would you like to book?
Skin Check-In (25 Minutes)

In this quick-fire session, you’ll get to discover a little more about your unique skin. We’ll identify your current Skin Mood™ and identify a plan of action to address any immediate concerns.

What do you get?

  • Expert analysis of your Skin Mood™
  • Audit of your current routine
  • Optimum skincare regime outline
  • Ingredient recommendations

Is it right for you?
This shorter consultation is great for those more experienced skincare users, those who prefer to do their own research on products and those who want a second opinion on the ingredients they’re using to address their Skin Mood™

Need more help?
For more in-depth product and brand recommendations (basically a pro telling you exactly what to use, and when) book the longer 45 minute session instead.

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Skin Session (45 Minutes)

Our most in-depth consultation, this option unlocks all the intel you could possibly need to (finally) meet your skin goals. We’ll identify your skin type, Skin Mood™ and skin conditions and build out a completely tailored routine that’s right for you.

What do you get?

  • Expert analysis of your Skin Mood™, skin type and skin conditions
  • In-depth digital Skin Profile
  • Golden skin rules and practical tips, tailored to you
  • Unbiased product recommendations
  • Personal Skincare Calendar charting your AM and PM routines

Is it right for you?
A comprehensive look at your full skin health, this session is perfect for total skincare newbies, those who don’t currently have a set routine or anyone that’s struggling to see a difference with their current approach.

Not ready yet? Have questions? 🙋

Want to find out more about Lionne before you sign up? We totally understand. That’s why we offer FREE 10 minute Discovery Calls for all your burning questions.

During the call, one of our Skin Mentors will walk you through what happens during our Skin Sessions, explain our handy mentor matching process and fill you in on all the unique benefits you’ll get when starting your skin journey with Lionne.